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Fall 2017 Top 16 Rankings*

NameTeam NameDivisionRanking PCT
Chris "C-Bo" Boyd The Wohlf PackTuesday1.667
Greg FieldsTaterheadsTuesday1.374
Pete RileyTaterheadsTuesday1.265
Tim Walker, JrBloomingdale BombersMonday1.238
James HowingtonTreblemakersMonday1.200
Daniel "Fathead" RussellDeucesMonday1.177
Derik SmithThe Wohlf PackTuesday1.102
Chris HowellThe Wohlf PackTuesday1.019
Romo LightTaterheadsTuesday1.009
"Sammy Mac" WohlfordThe Wohlf PackTuesday1.007
Dave ManningWinking TigersMonday1.000
Tracy RafalowskiTaterheadsTuesday0.993
Darrell McCoySmokey & The BanditsMonday0.984
Chris WilliamsFire N The HoleTuesday0.925
Danny DooleyWirehuggersTuesday0.902
Mark KetronBloomingdale BombersMonday0.886

NameTeam NameDivisionRanking PCT
Tabetha KramerSmokey & The BanditsMonday0.738
Shelly KetronTaterheadsTuesday0.736
Judy AmburnWirehuggersTuesday0.708
Michelle ChaffinBig Orange SmokiesTuesday0.630
BJ LongSmokey & The BanditsMonday0.599
Lindsay MarshallLoyal SotzMonday0.582
Barb MentgenWasted CricketsTuesday0.566
Missy "Love" GlennBig Orange SmokiesTuesday0.553
Jennifer Robinson Rollin' StonedTuesday0.550
Laura RussellWirehuggersTuesday0.548
Christal LewisSlightly FlightlyMonday0.529
Kim AndersonThe Wolfe's DenTuesday0.525
Laurie CassellWirehuggersTuesday0.522
Melanie HensleyJeckyl & HydeMonday0.519
Annette EstesSlightly FlightlyMonday0.514
Ginny "Hero" TownsendWirehuggersTuesday0.500

Announcements & Reminders
High In/Out Shots for Fall 2016 Season

High In
  • 138 - Joe Lankford(Deuces)
High Out
  • 158 - Jeff Williams(Fire N The Hole)

Please call or text Greg the Hi In and High Out shots.
Please Note: High In is only for 601 DI/DO and 1001 DI/DO.


DECEMBER 2ND @ 7PM TOY DRIVE BLIND DRAW for 6 special Angels from the Angel Tree!!! NO ENTRY FEE, your entry fee will be a $10.00 minimum toy For the following Angels: Girls ages: 6, 7, and 10 Boys ages: 6, 10, 12 Please be sure to buy an age appropriate toy for the Angels above!!!
Upcoming Matches
No Matches are currently scheduled