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Winter 2015 Top 16 MVP Standings* - Team 1001

Monday - Men
NameTeam NameTotal MVP'sMVP's/MatchMVP's/Game
Tony WhiteThe Original Blind Squirrels20.02.222.222
Tyler GreerGoodTymers12.01.091.091
Chris HowellTaterheads12.01.001.000
Jamie NorwoodRaiders11.01.221.222
Brandon LeabLegion of Doom9.00.820.818
Pork Chop TannerLegion of Doom8.01.141.143
Tracy RafalowskiTaterheads7.00.880.875
Romo LightTaterheads6.00.750.750
Derik SmithRaiders6.00.750.750
Dave Manning5 Bombs & A Lil Monster6.00.600.600
Kyle KeyThe Exterminators6.00.550.545
Ron SalyerJeckyll & Hyde5.01.671.667
Tag HillTaterheads5.01.251.250
Jason BlackewellRaiders5.00.710.714
Charlie DunbarGoodTymers5.00.710.714
Randy HensleyJeckyll & Hyde5.00.560.556
Mike BooherLegion of Doom5.00.500.500
Eric Morse5 Bombs & A Lil Monster5.00.420.417

Tuesday - Men
NameTeam NameTotal MVP'sMVP's/MatchMVP's/Game
Jim "Corndawg" CornwellBaby Seal Clubbers15.01.361.364
Mike ClouseUNCENSORED14.01.171.167
Jerry HitchcockJust The Tip12.01.201.200
Henry KernsSharpshooters12.01.001.000
Eddie WilsonCuyler Clan11.02.202.200
Rusty CoxDamage Incorporated11.01.101.100
Danny BlandTrip This!
Shannon BarnettUNCENSORED9.00.750.750
Buddy KernsSharpshooters8.81.251.250
Tommy LawsonSharpshooters8.30.750.750
"C-Bo" Baby Seal Clubbers8.01.331.333
Lynn WidenerCuyler Clan8.01.001.000
Bob EllisTripsters8.00.800.800
Ronnie MyersThe Real Getcha Some8.00.730.727
Jon BarnettUNCENSORED8.00.670.667
B-B-B-Bruce PendletonCouples Therapy7.01.401.400
Justin WhitworthTrip This!
Brian DeelCuyler Clan7.00.880.875
Ronnie KlineThe Real Getcha Some7.00.700.700
Chris WilliamsFire N The Hole7.00.640.636
Chris BarnettPoppen Flights7.00.580.583

Monday - Women
NameTeam NameTotal MVP'sMVP's/MatchMVP's/Game
Shelly AndersonTaterheads10.01.001.000
Olivia WilsonState Street Straddlers3.00.270.273
Barb PressleyThe Crips & The New Bloods2.00.330.333
Sherri AndersonState Street Straddlers2.00.180.182
Becky PriceScreaming Eagles1.00.500.500
Melanie HensleyJeckyll & Hyde1.00.140.143
Lelia MatneyBrutus” Bruisers1.00.110.111
Rachel KaronState Street Straddlers1.00.110.111
Eliza SlagleThe Exterminators1.00.090.091

Tuesday - Women
NameTeam NameTotal MVP'sMVP's/MatchMVP's/Game
B.J. LongDo-A-Bulls9.00.900.900
Lora TaylorDo-A-Bulls8.00.730.727
Kim CastleLegion of DD5.00.450.455
Keita NewmanTrip This!4.00.570.571
Jessica OliverJust The Tip3.00.380.375
Christina EstepCouples Therapy3.00.250.250
Rhonda WhiteLegion of DD3.00.250.250
Estelleta ShaferMisfits2.01.001.000
Pepper HulseDo-A-Bulls2.00.400.400
Amy "Cornholio" CornwellLegion of DD2.00.250.250
Misty ArnoldLegion of DD2.00.250.250
Ginny TownsendJust The Tip2.00.250.250
Deirdre KolesariLegion of DD1.00.130.125
Laurie CassellMisfits1.00.130.125
Belinda Lyons“Is It In?”

League Leaders
League Leaders - Overall
League Leaders - Singles 501
League Leaders - Singles Cricket
League Leaders - Doubles 601
League Leaders - Doubles Cricket
League Leaders - Team 1001
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The following teams have not paid their dues - Please get with a council member ASAP. Blind Squirrels and Who Flung Poo. Thanks

Hi In/High Out Winter 2015

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Greg Street 160

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Sam Wohlford 149

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