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Winter 2016 Top 16 MVP Standings* - Team 1001

Monday - Men
NameTeam NameTotal MVP'sMVP's/MatchMVP's/Game
Tyler GreerGoodTymers3.03.003.000
Tony WhiteNight Moves3.03.003.000
Darrell McCoySmokey and the Bandits3.01.501.500
Jason BlackwellGoodTymers2.02.002.000
Justin BazemoreGoodTymers2.02.002.000
Alan SpiveyBig O Rejecks2.02.002.000
Chuck Reisler "One Each"QYBAGTHESGFY2.02.002.000
Ryan "Ewok" RutterState Street Straddlers2.01.001.000
Cory PhillipsSharpshooters1.01.001.000
Tony RodeferNight Moves1.01.001.000
Charlie "CC" ClevengerPersonal Demons1.01.001.000
Greg StreetQYBAGTHESGFY1.01.001.000

Tuesday - Men
NameTeam NameTotal MVP'sMVP's/MatchMVP's/Game
Jamie NorwoodDamage Incorporated4.04.004.000
Pete RileyTaterheads3.03.003.000
Jon VanoverCuyler Clan2.02.002.000
Chris "C-Bo" Boyd The Wohlfpack2.02.002.000
Brad PippinI'd Hit That!?!
Sam WohlfordThe Wohlfpack2.02.002.000
Dave Manning5 Bombs & A Lil Monster2.02.002.000
Bob EllisTripsters2.02.002.000
Lynn WidenerCuyler Clan2.02.002.000
Kevin ShifflettCuyler Clan2.01.001.000
Ed TempleDamage Incorporated1.01.001.000
Brad O. WhiteTripsters1.01.001.000
Tony FridleyCuyler Clan1.01.001.000
Rick GraczykCuyler Clan1.01.001.000

Monday - Women
NameTeam NameTotal MVP'sMVP's/MatchMVP's/Game
Ashley TaylorLegion of DD1.01.001.000
Rachel KaronState Street Straddlers1.00.500.500
Amber EtterSmokey and the Bandits1.00.500.500
Lora TaylorSmokey and the Bandits1.00.500.500

Tuesday - Women
NameTeam NameTotal MVP'sMVP's/MatchMVP's/Game
Shelly AndersonTaterheads2.02.002.000

League Leaders
League Leaders - Overall
League Leaders - Singles 501
League Leaders - Singles Cricket
League Leaders - Doubles 601
League Leaders - Doubles Cricket
League Leaders - Team 1001
Announcements & Reminders
High In and High Out Winter 2016

High In

Jim "Corndawg" Cornwell 152

High Out

Not reported

Big Party! - Feb 27

The GTCDA will be hosting a Member Appreciation Party on February 27, 2016.

Where: American Legion
When: February 27, 2016
Doors open at 4:00PM
Free Food - Menu will be Announced
Free Beer - 2 Kegs Provided
  • Blind Draw
    • $700 Guaranteed Payout
    • $5 Entry Fee
    • Sign-ups close at 5:30PM

You must have played in the GTCDA and be in good standing for the past 12 months to be eligible for the free beverages
Everyone is welcome and eligible to play in the blind draw.

Upcoming Matches
Monday February 15, 2016 (Week 3)
Jeckyl & Hyde @ Sharpshooters
Team on a Mission @ Screaming Eagles
GoodTymers @ Shaft!
Legion of DD @ Personal Demons
Big O Rejecks @ Legion of Doom
State Street Straddlers @ Smokey and the Bandits
Tuesday February 16, 2016 (Week 3)
Who Flung Poo @ Panic Attack
A Hokie and 3 Smokeys @ Damage Incorporated
Poppen Flights @ Tripsters
Taterheads @ C.R.S.
Wolfe's Den @ Just The Tip
5 Bombs & A Lil Monster @ The Wohlfpack
Fire N The Hole @ I'd Hit That!?!
Cuyler Clan @ Leave It In The Box