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Fall 2016 Top 16 MVP Standings* - Team 1001

Monday - Men
NameTeam NameTotal MVP'sMVP's/MatchMVP's/Game
Leon "Shalit" BrimmOff At Church3.03.003.000
Mike BooherLegion of Doom3.01.501.500
Nick SmithState Street Straddlers3.01.501.500
Matt KramerLegion of Doom2.02.002.000
K.C. CaseyLegion of Doom2.02.002.000
Steve PriceScreaming Eagles2.02.002.000
Chuck Reisler "One Each"Off At Church2.02.002.000
Charlie DunbarPersonal Demons1.01.001.000
Ron SalyerJeckyl & Hyde1.01.001.000
Eric Morse5 Bombs & A Lil Monster1.01.001.000
Dave Manning5 Bombs & A Lil Monster1.01.001.000
Tony FridleyPersonal Demons1.00.500.500

Tuesday - Men
NameTeam NameTotal MVP'sMVP's/MatchMVP's/Game
Kevin ShifflettCuyler Clan4.04.004.000
B-B-B-Bruce PendletonFull of Bull3.03.003.000
Shannon BarnettI'd Hit That!?!
Ed TempleDamage Incorporated2.02.002.000
Tracy RafalowskiTaterheads2.02.002.000
Sam WohlfordThe Wohlfpack2.02.002.000
Derik SmithThe Wohlfpack2.02.002.000
Romo LightTaterheads1.01.001.000
Ryan "Ewok" RutterThe Wohlfpack1.01.001.000
J.R. HuntStep to the Line1.01.001.000
Brian SolomonFire N The Hole1.01.001.000
Lynn WidenerCuyler Clan1.01.001.000
Bud CollierMavericks1.01.001.000
Chris BarrettFire N The Hole1.01.001.000
Tony VonglisWho Flung Poo1.01.001.000

Monday - Women
NameTeam NameTotal MVP'sMVP's/MatchMVP's/Game
Sherri AndersonState Street Straddlers2.01.001.000
Olivia WilsonState Street Straddlers1.01.001.000
Keita NewmanLegion of DD1.00.500.500

Tuesday - Women
NameTeam NameTotal MVP'sMVP's/MatchMVP's/Game
Christina EstepFull of Bull3.03.003.000
Laura RussellJust The Tip1.01.001.000

League Leaders
League Leaders - Overall
League Leaders - Singles 501
League Leaders - Singles Cricket
League Leaders - Doubles 601
League Leaders - Doubles Cricket
League Leaders - Team 1001
Announcements & Reminders

REMINDER ALL DUES need to be paid to the following council members only:
  • Tracy - can be mailed to Action Athletics
    889 W Center St, Kingsport, TN 37660
  • Shelly - you can bring by her Bristol office
  • BJ - call or text her

Changes to Place of Play

Please note there have been two changes in places of play.

Step to the Line will now be playing out of Boone Dam VFW

Getcha Some will now be playing out of The Sportsman.

The new schedule has been uploaded to the documents section to reflect these changes.

Upcoming Matches
No Matches are currently scheduled