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Summer 2016 Top 16 MVP Standings* - Doubles 601

Monday - Men
NameTeam NameTotal MVP'sMVP's/MatchMVP's/Game
Chris BlandPersonal Demons13.01.181.182
Matt KramerLegion of Doom11.01.101.100
Doug YoakleyPoppen Flights10.00.910.909
Brandon LeabPoppen Flights9.01.001.000
K.C. CaseyLegion of Doom8.01.001.000
Tracy RafalowskiScreaming Eagles8.01.001.000
Tony WhiteLegion of Doom6.00.670.667
Danny SmithPoppen Flights6.00.600.600
Charlie "CC" ClevengerPersonal Demons6.00.600.600
Sidney SalyerJeckyl & Hyde5.00.830.833
Henry MorelockBig O Rejects5.00.560.556
Justin Hutton5 Bombs & A Lil Monster4.70.670.667
Geoff Orfield5 Bombs & A Lil Monster4.50.500.500
Stacy McIntoshBig O Rejects4.02.002.000
Derek ColeThe Irish Drunks4.00.570.571
Randy HensleyJeckyl & Hyde4.00.570.571
Ron SalyerJeckyl & Hyde4.00.440.444
Jeff VaughnScreaming Eagles4.00.400.400

Tuesday - Men
NameTeam NameTotal MVP'sMVP's/MatchMVP's/Game
"Fast" Eddie WilsonPanic Attack18.02.002.000
Rod JamesDamage Incorporated13.01.181.182
Bill HitchcockFire N The Hole12.52.502.500
Mark "Big Un" SmithA Hokie and 4 Smokeys9.00.900.900
Ed TempleDamage Incorporated9.00.820.818
Roger "Buzz" CoxA Hokie and 4 Smokeys8.01.141.143
Mike ClarkI'd Hit That!?!7.01.401.400
Judd OwenGetcha Some7.00.700.700
Ryan "Ewok" RutterSix Deep6.01.001.000
Brian JohnsonSix Deep6.00.860.857
Tommy NortonWho Flung Poo6.00.670.667
Dwayne SolomonFire N The Hole5.60.560.556
Shannon BarnettI'd Hit That!?!5.00.560.556
Rusty CoxDamage Incorporated5.00.560.556
Ronnie KlineGetcha Some5.00.450.455
Steve "Pops" WhitworthWolfe's Den5.00.450.455

Monday - Women
NameTeam NameTotal MVP'sMVP's/MatchMVP's/Game
Rhonda WhiteLegion of DD5.00.500.500
Rachel KaronState Street Straddlers4.50.500.500
Olivia WilsonState Street Straddlers4.40.400.400
Melanie HensleyJeckyl & Hyde3.00.380.375
Tabetha KramerLegion of DD2.00.290.286
Sherri AndersonState Street Straddlers1.10.110.111
Judy HarrisJeckyl & Hyde1.00.130.125
Becky PriceScreaming Eagles1.00.110.111
Deirdre KolesariLegion of DD1.00.110.111

Tuesday - Women
NameTeam NameTotal MVP'sMVP's/MatchMVP's/Game
Belinda LyonsFire N The Hole10.53.503.500
Laura RussellJust The Tip6.00.550.545
Tracy PeltierPanic Attack4.02.002.000
Tonya MartinStep to the Line4.00.360.364
Judy AmburnJust The Tip3.00.500.500
Ginny "Hero" TownsendJust The Tip3.00.380.375
BJ LongSix Deep3.00.330.333
Amber JonesBust'n The Bed1.30.250.250
Jessica OliverJust The Tip1.00.250.250
Lindsay MarshallWolfe's Den1.00.110.111

League Leaders
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League Leaders - Singles 501
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League Leaders - Doubles 601
League Leaders - Doubles Cricket
League Leaders - Team 1001
Announcements & Reminders

Banquet will be held at the American Legion September 17th. MANDATORY Captains Meeting at 5pm. Awards at 5:30pm and $500 guaranteed blind draw sign ups close at 6pm.

High In & High Out Summer 2016

High In

Bill Hitchcock 160

High Out

Josh Oliver 140

Playoff Matches
Bracket A (Round 1)
Tuesday August 23, 2016
(9)Panic Attack @ (8)Fire N The Hole
Bracket B (Round 1)
Tuesday August 23, 2016
(10)Step to the Line @ (7)Just The Tip
(9)Legion of DD @ (8)Wolfe's Den
(11)The Irish Drunks @ (6)Bust'n The Bed