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Fall 2014 Top 16 MVP Standings* - Doubles 601

Monday - Men
NameTeam NameTotal MVP'sMVP's/MatchMVP's/Game
Tim Walker, JrCruise Control4.02.002.000
Greg FieldsCruise Control4.02.002.000
Tracy RafalowskiTaterheads3.01.501.500
Romo LightTaterheads3.01.501.500
Tag HillTaterheads3.01.501.500
Steve MooreCruise Control2.02.002.000
K.C. CaseyLegion of Doom2.02.002.000
Mike BooherLegion of Doom2.02.002.000
Ron SalyerEagle Rare2.02.002.000
Daniel "Fathead" RussellShaazam2.02.002.000
Clint SwarthoutCruise Control2.01.001.000
Pork Chop TannerLegion of Doom2.01.001.000
Mike LooneyShaazam2.01.001.000
Tyler GreerGoodTymers2.01.001.000
Bob LovedayShaazam2.01.001.000
Matt WingoGoodTymers1.01.001.000
Tony HurdShaazam1.01.001.000
Tim WalkerCruise Control1.01.001.000
Brandon LeabLegion of Doom1.00.500.500
Dale Kelsey5 Bombs & A Little Monster1.00.500.500
Chris HowellTaterheads1.00.500.500
Charlie DunbarGoodTymers1.00.500.500

Tuesday - Men
NameTeam NameTotal MVP'sMVP's/MatchMVP's/Game
Ronnie MyersThe Real Getcha Some5.02.502.500
Stacy McIntoshTripin“ The Rift4.04.004.000
Robby FeathersPoppen Flights4.04.004.000
Jeff WilliamsFire N The Hole4.02.002.000
Tommy LawsonSharpshooters3.03.003.000
SharkThrowin“ em Back3.01.501.500
Bill HitchcockBlind Squirrel Darts3.01.501.500
Eddie WilsonThrowin“ em Back3.01.501.500
Jerry HitchcockCuyler Clan2.02.002.000
Sam WohlfordCuyler Clan2.02.002.000
Josh BibleDamage Incorporated2.02.002.000
Mike CookTripsters2.02.002.000
Tony FridleyWho Flung Poo2.02.002.000
Keith BrandonSharpshooters2.01.001.000
Calvin BrownBlind Squirrel Darts2.01.001.000
Jon BarnettUNCENSORED2.01.001.000

Monday - Women
NameTeam NameTotal MVP'sMVP's/MatchMVP's/Game
Nicole Soules5 Bombs & A Little Monster2.01.001.000
Eliza SlagleThe Exterminators1.01.001.000
Sherri AndersonState Street Straddlers1.00.500.500

Tuesday - Women
NameTeam NameTotal MVP'sMVP's/MatchMVP's/Game
Belinda Lyons“Is It In?”
Rachael LooneyDown & Darty1.01.001.000

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League Leaders - Doubles 601
League Leaders - Doubles Cricket
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Announcements & Reminders
High In/High Out Fall 2014 Season

High In

Tim Walker, Jr 120

High Out

Bill Hitchcock 113

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